Issue #0: The Paradigm Event

The celestial event that started it all and gave birth to the Parahumans

Issue #0.5: The Nebraska Incident

The first publicised clash of Parahumans

Volume 1

Issue #1: The Gift

“Eccentric and reclusive millionaire Andonius “Midas” Papadopolous returned from seclusion to invite the world's foremost scientists, politicians, thinkers and lobbyists to his private Fijian Island for a summit. The agenda: Saving the world from itself.”

Issue #2: Origin of Power

“Surrey, England: Dr. Anton Tarot, prominent spiritualist and mystic theorist, invited the world's most prominent Parahuman experts for a seminar on the nature of powers at his Landsmith Manor. The events that transpired that night shocked the world and turned the world's understanding of the Parahuman Phenomenon on its head”

Issue #3: Welcome to the Jungle

"Hamilton Industries revealed their most ambitious project to date: the Terraformation of Africa. In a matter of months a lush jungle emerged from the former sands of the Sahara. As the experiment reached the end of it’s first phase the call went out across the globe drawing scientists, diplomats and parahumans for the unveiling of the next phase of the project to heal the earth.”

Issue #4: School of Hard Knocks

"The Saint Francis Academy, secret school to train young parahumans to responsibly use their powers, was under attack by anti-para terrorists and sent out the call for emergency aid. When Parahumans and others arrived they found the place a battlefield. But it was only when they drove off the terrorists that the real enemy revealed itself".

Issue #5: Hero Worship

"Only 2 weeks left until Para-con! The first ever convention for Para fans, by Para fans, including those super powered people you love or love to loathe! Yes, that's right, we WILL have a host of special guests at Para-con including ACTUAL famous Paras. Everyone who is anyone will be there!"

Volume 2

Issue #6: Return to Midas's Island

"Iason Papadopoulos is organizing a cruise to Midas island to mark the one year anniversary of his father's death. He's invited an extensive guest list of the wealthy, influential and powerful who were there and others who were not to return with him. Why has he invited these people? What more could there possibly be to find?"

Issue #7: They Came From The Deep

"Japan is under attack by creatures from the sea and the Japanese military with aid from other nations is repelling the attacks, but only barely. There has been a call for strategic assistance from anyone willing to help by Admiral Himura of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence force."

Issue #8: Arcane Encore

"For one night only, Dr. Tarot returns to the stage in a magical extravaganza! It was the be the charity event of the year but terrorist organisation Evolve or Die had other ideas"

Issue #9: No Safe Haven

"Oh, look! An invitation to a shadow art installation in Hokkaido – that sounds interesting… "

Issue #10: Knowledge is Power

Join us for the First Grand Symposium, an event hosted for Parahuman and Human alike where we will from experts in their fields on all things Parahuman, from theories of the past to dreams for the future, to art exhibitions and technology demonstrations, there will be something for everyone. Rest easy in the luxurious Faith Plaza Resort in Rio de Janeiro.*

Issue #11: Within the Pharaoh's Grasp

Report 23-C-41B-9: Recon indicates location of subject: Pharaoh (Menes) in Egyptian desert. Subject appears to have found or built a city. Tactical operation approved. Requesting assistance from super powered and other external factions to solve parahuman threat. Current reports indicate Pharoah may wield the power of the sun.

Issue #12: Ad Perpetuam Memoriam

Join us at Stonehenge in memory of Dr. Vivian Mallory, "Nimue" - a super human, a goddess, an inspiration. In this dark time, let us remember the hope she provided. Join our overnight vigil on this shortest night to see the ushering in of the dawn of a new day.

Volume 3

Issue #13: Sans Merci

The world is abuzz for the biggest, brightest and best Fashion Week ever seen. Parahuman Fashion Maven Magnetique is the one to watch, having already set tongues wagging with her super-fashion styles. With the Grand Palais all set and the lightening throwing, fire breathing, physics defying guests and models gathered, the House of Chevalier is ready to go and only a select few will be there to see this superhuman designer bring truly super models to the runway.

Issue #14: All Bets Are Off

Billionaire Parahuman brothers Eddie and Iason Papadopolous have been spotted with large contingent of super powered friends – and for once no one is throwing anyone into orbit (yet). Of course where Super-folks go, trouble follows – but no ninjas or living foliage so far. So lets focus instead on the fact Eddie’s been seen in and out of wedding chapels...

Issue #15: Aussie Rules

G'day and welcome to the Global Games Gauntlet here in Sydney. Unlike other events, we ain't afraid of pitting ordinary humans against super powered Parahumans, or even Atlanteans if they show up! Crikey - that would be a show! It'll be bonzer fun and we'll see who really is the best of the best and will take away the 3G Medal of Champions.

Issue #16: Of Gods and Monsters

Honoured Guest, welcome to the Club Vanaheim VIP List.
Our opening night is coming this weekend and we want you there to celebrate the opening of Club Vanaheim in decommissioned nuclear power plant KKN outside of Berlin. While there is music on every level by the Hottest DJs in Europe, only a select few get into the VIP level to enjoy the most elite experience.

Issue #17: The Show Must Go On

"Hi there, Platinum Backer! Friend or enemy, informed or not, we will acquire your contestant and transport them to the arena, guaranteed! There, they will face tests of brains, brawn, guts - and the other contestants! All contestants will participate or be eliminated from the competition, so don't worry on that count! Hope to see you there soon!”

Volume 4

Issue #18: Forbidden Practice

I have confirmed that the Emir of Dubai himself has given a one week waiver of the law, to allow this event to occur. Many practitioners and curious individuals will be in attendance. Including Parahumans – those with super human powers. There may even be visitors from an international occult society, The Ministry of Sphinxes.

Issue #19: Tomorrow’s Problems Today

I am going to the Tomorrow Today science expo in Hong Kong! THERE IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH COOL STUFF! All the big Tech companies are going to be there! Maybe I can score an internship with Ibis Industries or the Metis project! Or ForresTech – their energy cells are CRAZY! Cleaner than solar – frikking SOLAR man. And Carter-Smyth’s phones are the cutting edge in communication technology – maybe I’ll pick one up. 😛 Not to mention all the photo-ops with super powered Parahumans. I’ll bet that a bunch of First Wavers will be there.

Issue #20: High Society of the Damned

Its Sixty Seconds With Saskia, where we talk the place to be and the people to be seen with. I think we can all agree THE place has to be Hungary at Czerna Castle where Magrivaine Drusilla St. Marcellus is hosting a fund raiser for the people whose lives have been destroyed by the new super drugs like Flex, Focus and Pump. Its a splashy Gala event with super stars and superhumans alike on the invite list. The Hungarian landscape, an old castle filled with vampires and millionaires, a late night soiree and the usual hijinks with celebrities and parahumans, it is THE place to be. That's sixty seconds. I'm Saskia and that's the place to be!

Issue #21: Lavender Fields Forever

MEMO TO ALL TORCH STAFF: Attention All, the opening of the TORCH Lavender Field Observation Station in Hokkaido to select guest will go ahead this weekend. There will be a collection of super powered individuals present from all walks of life and all manner of organizations as well as those without superpowers from similar backgrounds. In the way these things usually go we can expect at least four fights and one explosion, as such ensure that all health, safety and security precautions are followed.

Issue #22: Double or Nothing

It's the Match of the Millennium. The Battle of the Brawlers. The Fight of the Future. Ladies and Gentlemen the MGM Grand Casino and Arena is Proud to present: PARABRAWL! Join us for VIP gala's and interviews with a star studded guest list and behind the scenes looks leading up to the Clash of two Champion Titans right here on the Las Vegas Strip!

Issue #23: What Lies Beneath

Breaking news from Prague. Troubles have escalated. The city has been dealing with increased gang violence over the last few months, which has now given way to complete civil unrest. Riots are breaking out in the streets and fear and panic are rife.

Volume 5

Issue #24: Capitol Punishment

The Supreme Court is abuzz today as Parahuman crime boss Reverend Brunswick is brought to his first day of trial under armed escort. Not since Diehard has there been such a keen interest in the prosecution of a Super Powered individual, with some of the worlds keenest and most influential minds in attendance the court house is thick with anticipation.

Issue #25: Champagne Supernova

“Well, my friends, we’ve reached a new milestone. Six years of research into the Paradigm Event and the UN and Tetrasoft have finally seen the fruits of our labor. We all know whatever caused all those people to get super powers came from space but we are still in the dark as to how or why. We are having a party in Russia's Special Astrophysical Observatory where the majority of the research on the Paradigm Event’s origins has been conducted, spearheaded by the UNESCO and Tetrasoft Research and Development Team of course."

Issue #26: Six Impossible Things

The U.N. is having a conference in London in the next few days. One can only wonder what they want to discuss, but everyone's first thought is probably correct: Parahumans, and just how dangerous their superpowers seem to be. I've been looking into the matter with some interest and while the Security Council is assuring us that it is entirely under control, conversations behind closed doors tells another story. People are scared.

Issue #27:Revolutionary Ideas

Tetrasoft invited dignitaries, celebrities and tech industry insiders to their Auckland Facility in New Zealand for the public"switching on" of the trial of their free global internet.

Issue #28: The Masques We Wear

"The annual Trinity Ball in Dublin is set to draw the biggest crowds ever this year. The headline act is is Unit-T, that pop group of recent graduates from St Frances’s in Galway! Absolute dreams, the lot of them – and a mixture of both super powered Parahumans and bad ass normals. Celebrities, heroes, villains,the super rich powerful and famous will be there and you never know who you will run into because – It’s a masked ball this year!"

Issue #29: Turning Over a New LEAF

"Welcome to the Fields Clinic, where your recovery is our world. Whether you’ve been the victim of the ParaDrug Scourge or were injured in Hokkaido or by the super powers that fill the world, we’re here for you. Our diverse treatment plans ranged from guided meditations to cutting edge therapies and rehabilitative cybernetics. Backed by charitable donations and the ForrestTech LEAF Project, the clinic is situated in the secluded Oudtshoorn, South Africa, just a short distance from the Cango Caves."