Downtime Actions

At the end of each game session players get to submit one downtime action. Downtime actions generally consist of a goal and steps taken to achieve it (for example training your new abilities, investigating a business rival or setting up a new organisation). Downtime actions are collected in person by the GMs after the close of the game session. However if you want to clarify or change your downtime action after the game you have a two week grace period where you can email the GMs here to make changes.
Your skills, assets or powers may also improve during the course your downtime. If there are any specific ways you want your character to grow make sure to tell a GM.


When attempting a challenge you check the difficulty with your Skill level vs the GM’s challenge rating, your skill matches or exceeds the challenge you succeed.
When challenging another player you compare skill traits as the aggressor and the defender, whoever has the higher trait succeeds.
The Golden Rule: No physical contact without the permission of the other party
You can find a full Skill List here


Assets allow you to spend Asset points in order to use connections and resources at your disposal.
You spend a point to gain access to something your asset can give you (summon a jet with Transport, get a lackey to carry your bag with Staff). The more points you burn at once, the more impressive the effect (e.g. 3 points could get you a jet that is fully fuelled at your current location within 5 minutes).


By spending Effort you may surpass your regular limitations or trigger the more potent of Parahuman Powers.
By spending an Effort point you can request a card from the GM, drawing this card gives you the number on the Card as a bonus to your pool, drawing a face card allows particularly high bonuses
Jacks =11
Queens =12
Kings =13
Red Joker doubles the value of the next card you pull but costs either a point of effort, or in the event of having no effort it causes 2 levels of damage which will take full effect after the action is completed.
Black Jokers will cause your effort to go awry based on the second card pull, you will regain the spent effort.
In addition both may cause unexpected narrative effects at GM Discretion as you push yourself.
You gain additional Effort by succeeding in Goals, Adding to the story and Behaving in a sporting manner as per the GM ruling.


When more than one person is acting, Initiative will be called, for this you draw a card and as the GM’s count back from 13 you will act upon this number
If two people have the same number those with hearts go first, than diamonds, the spades and then clubs.
A Red Joker allows you to go first
A Black Joker forces you to go last


When in combat you make a challenge to hit against a challenge to avoid, damage is the difference between these values if the attacker is successful.

Surge attacks Minister Sound with his Brawling of 3
Minister Sound defends with his Sonic Defence of 4
Surge fails the attack.
Minister Sound decides to hit back. He wants revenge and spends an effort on it and gets to draw a card. Surge decides to spend an effort to avoid getting hurt. Minister Sound has a Sonic Attack of 4 and pulls an 11 so he is striking with 15.
Surge uses his Hyper Speed Defense of 6 to get out of the way. He pulls a card for having spent an effort and draws a 5. His total defense is 11.
Minister Sound's attack is 4 greater than Surge's defense. Minister Sound deals 4 damage to Surge.

Get creative with your descriptions! If you can justify HOW you are doing it, you may combine 2 skills OR a skill and a power together.
E.g. "I supercharge my Brawl with my electric attack! BZAP! (Electric Aura Attack and Brawl can now be combined for attack)" or "I dodge out of the way of the blow by doing a double backflip from my gymnastics routine! (Dodge and Gymnastics can now be combined for defense)"

Health & Death

When a character loses combat they lose health equal to the difference between the attack that struck and the defence they offered.
This progresses up the scale, once you reach Injured it starts to show, when you reach Maimed it is severe pain that inflicts -2 to most tests and when Unconscious you cannot act.

You may stave off death or regain consciousness by spending effort otherwise you come to when the GM rules it (generally a set amount of time)

All Death Blow’s must be stated as such and there are no 1 hit kills
In the event of a character death you will be issued a new character either on the spot or at the next Issue of the game, depending on your preference.

Surprise Attacks

If you are not currently engaged in combat with an enemy, you may use Stealth versus their Investigate/Perceive/Notice/Utility/Defence (last 2 only if relevant). If you succeed in defeating them, they do not get to subtract their skill defence from your attack (or the power if it is not already activated) and may not take action against you until they notice you (normally when you attack them).
If in a group, somebody who has spotted you may choose to warn the rest of the group. To be effective, it takes an action. Those who did not see you may not act against you until next turn, but do receive half their defensive skill (round down) + their defensive power (if applicable) to subtract from your attack.
Example: Nobody Joe attacks Phantasy. Phantasy activated her Optical Illusion Defense (3) when the APPG burst in last round. Nobody Joe has a Stealth of 2 and Phantasy has 1 Perception. Even though Phantasy has an initiative of 9 and Nobody Joe only has 4, she cannot act against him as she has not spotted him. Phantasy chooses to back away towards the window. Nobody Joes attacks with a 4, Phantasy could normally use Dodge 2 but Nobody Joe’s stealth of 2 beat her Investigation 1, so she is caught off guard and only her Defence is applied. Joe lands his hit and does 1 damage.
If Mile High was near Phantasy, he could have spotted Joe with his Notice (3). Mile High had an initiative of 7. He uses his action to shout at Phantasy and point at Nobody Joe. Phantasy now gets to add half her Dodge to her Defense to subtract 4 (1 + 3) from Joe’s attack. Joe does not hit.

Improvised Weaponry

Improvised Weaponry is any weapon not intended as such, for instance a broken bottle, a length of standard chain, a pool cue, an ornamental gnome with a fishing rod. The nature of the weapon, its frailty (for instance if it’s weak wood or been torn out of the ground etc) and the fact it is not constructed as a weapon issue penalties of at least -2, but can be higher depending on the item.
Example: Quickie blurs into the dive bar and grabs a pool queue to defend himself as an APPG thug chases him. Quickie has a weaponry skill of 1 and know how to use staves however he is using something not weighted as a fighting staff and is made of weaker wood, as such he is at -1 to using it. He can still spend effort or explain the addition of a power in order to increase his attack or defense ratings. Otherwise the APPG thug is harder to hit due to the penalty.