Political Organisations


Beneath the oceans of the world the advanced Atlantians live in different city states scattered across the globe. The Atlantians possess advanced technology and live in a matriarchal society. The Atlantians kept their existence a secret from the surface world until the city of Karras, who could no longer tolerate the destruction of the ocean by humans, invaded the surface world. They were fought back and now an uneasy peace exists between the Atlanteans and the Surface

The United Nations

In response to the global crisis sparked by the emergence of superhuman abilities the United Nations has grown to become more powerful than ever before. The UN established several new organisations to deal with the developing Parahuman situation, including the United Nations Bureau of Investigations.

Parahuman Organisations

Crime Wave

A self styled celebrity “super villain team”

Saint Francis Academy

A school where young parahumans can learn to control their abilities

The Crowley Society

A powerful cabal of mystics and an emerging rival to the Ministry of Sphinxes

The Magravine

A powerful but reclusive organisation with investments in numerous interests across the globe. Rumoured to be connected with the Vampires.

The Ministry of Sphinxes

A cabal of mystics dedicated to exploring the supernatural mysteries of the world


Recently-formed but large organisation funded by Aldrich Forrester. TORCH provides humanitarian relief and support for nations dealing with Parahuman crises

Project: Lantern

A recently-formed team dedicated to dealing with organised crime and other more "human" problems.


Blue Jade Security

A specialist company providing long and short term security solutions with a team consisting of both para and regular human security specialists.

Hired Powers

A Parahuman recruitment agency which specialises in providing Parahuman agents with abilities suited to clients needs.


A world leading technology company headed by Aldric Forrester. Sponsors of the TORCH initiative


The brainchild of the current heir apparent of Luxembourg this company is developing clean, renewable energy solutions for the 21st Century.

Midas Industries

The shipping and transport company owned by the Papadopolous family, currently branching out into advanced research

Payne Industrial

A Heavy manufacturing conglomerate with many different subsidiaries.

Reev Chem

A noted chemical engineering corporation


A leading software company known for developing the V.I.N.C.E and D.I.A.N.A programs

White Ibis Industries

An Australian company involved in the development of ecofriendly technology

Wild Oats Services

A multinational outsourcing company specialising in private military contracting and state security enhancement

Media Interests

Chevalier Group

World renowned public representation company based in France

News 360

Hard hitting news and journalism from across the world

The Buzz

The internets most popular gossip site for parahuman rumours

Would I lie to you?

Infamous scandal blog run by anonymous blogger Rumour

Activist Groups

The Church of Faith

New age spiritualist movement or cult?

Verdant Green

Activists for a greener more sustainable future or ecoterrorists?

Terrorist Movements


Anti Para Paramilitary Group


Evolve or die

Parahuman Supremacists

Former followers of Diehard.


Shia People's United Defense

Former/Defunct Organisations

First Wave

The world's first "Superhero" team. Disbanded due to financial difficulties between Issue #19 and Issue #20

Hamilton Industries

Formerly the worlds premier arms manufacturer. Hamilton Industries was dissolved and it's assets acquired by rivals in 2014


A Japanese sponsored initiative to create a highly trained group of regular humans to combat Paradigm level incidents. Folded into TORCH as of Issue #20

The Second Chancers

Parahuman criminals working off their sentences by working for the United Nations under the orders of Peter Graham. Folded into TORCH as of Issue #20

The Hokkaido Shogunate

A Parahuman nation founded by Diehard on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Founded after the Kaiju attacks in issue 7, fell in issue 9. Former supporters of the Shogunate have become the core of new Parahuman supremacist organisations.