Tomoe.jpgStatus: Alive, PC

Actual Name: Nakano Shiori

Honorable Title: Commander Bushi-Gozen, the Official Hero of Japan

Affiliations: Japanese Self Defense Forces, Humanity+

Nationality: Japanese

Player: Sarah

First Appearance: Issue 7

Abilities: Karate and other martial arts, Bushido, Resolve like rock.

Everyone knows that the Shizoku (Samurai and warrior) class of Japanese history was abolished after WWII. And everyone knows that the JSDF was created to be and remains a primarily defensive military. Of course it's also common knowledge that no baseline humans could become as individually powerful as the parahumans who appeared after the Paradigm Event.
Everyone knows that.

Commander Bushi coordinated the response of human and parahuman forces responding to the Japanese plea for assistance when the kaiju of Atlantis attacked Japan (Issue #7.) After personally 'debating' (with swords and in hand-to-hand combat) the kaiju Prince, she forced the Prince to an honorable surrender and armistice for a year while humanity locates the missing Atlantean princess Andromeda and attempts to solve the problem of oceanic pollution. This year will soon run out, and Commander Bushi has created a training program for the best humanity has to offer. This team of human heroes, one from each applicant nation, is collectively known as Humanity+.

Issue #9 saw Humanity+ capture several members of the parahuman attack force, the Hokkaido False Shogunate, rescue UN Special Envoy Xander Goossens (with assistance) and firmly establish itself as an ally of all who seek honor and justice.

"No baseline human could fight like that."
"She's a stone-cold killer dressed in a hero uniform."
"Bushi's goddam honor is going to get us effing murderized."