Brain Box

Brainbox.pngStatus: Deceased

Known Aliases: Brian Boxter, Jakob Heart

Affiliations: Midas Industries, Unknown

Nationality: Unknown

Player: Aidan Marsh

First Appearance: Higher Powers #1: The Gift

Abilities: Scientific Ingenuity

The origins of the parahuman known as Brain Box are, at present unknown, as is the vast majority of his life up until the present. Information on him is sparse, with little that has, as yet, been confirmed by him. He is currently chief researcher for the Metis Project division of The Midas Corporation

Brain Box first came to the attention of the world during the Midas Affair where, utilising parts from a miniature refrigerator and a microwave along with some spare parts he had on him at the time, he was able to create a device that stabilised Eddy Papadopolous's form after the latter had been badly injured in a battle with the APPG. While the device worked, its effect was only temporary as the damage Eddy had sustained was too much for him to maintain a stable form, leading to Midas using his abilities on Eddie and his subsequent death as a result.

Brain Box was next seen at Tarot Mansion at Dr. Anton Tarot's announcement concerning the origins or parahumans where he was outspoken about the poor methodology behind Tarot and The Ministry of Sphinxes' research into ancient parahumans and the untrustworthiness of the data that they had accumulated. Shortly after this Brain Box formed a part of the Midas Corporation's delegation to Casey Hamilton's unveiling of his terraforming project in Mali having apparently taken up employment with them working on development as part of the Metis Group.

At Brain Box's most recent public appearance in Sapporo he played a key role in warning attendees of the art exhibition about the approach of a group of incredibly dangerous paras, allowing most people present to escape to safety and others to attempt to prevent the approach of the mysterious paras. He later went on to save more people at the Rio Summit when, working with his his son, he provided instructions to disable the device which was suppressing all paradigm effects in the area and later disabling the nuclear device which Crime Wave had left behind when they retreated.

As chief researcher for the Metis Group, Brain Box made leaps and bounds in the development of Paradigm technologies - his most significant creation being the Paradigm Reactor which was unveiled at Dr Tarot's charity event in Kolkata - a device which could power an entire city block indefinitely and yet is small enough to fit in the palm of one's hand. Brain Box has commented that the device unveiled was merely a prototype, and when completed a reactor the same size could potentially power a small city.

Sadly, Brain Box passed away on the 21st June 2015 when, while part of a strike team rescuing Solace from Pharoh Menes, he activated a device he had created to store energy used by Menes to attack him, unleashing all that energy in a single explosive blast and rendering Menes unconscious and injured. Unfortunately, already badly injured by Menes' attacks against him, Brain Box was unable to protect himself from the explosion and was killed.

"I heard that Midas originally hired Brain Box after Brain Box made his car fly with nothing more than a wrench and a few spare parts"

"Word is that Brain Box is the creator of V.I.N.C.E and D.I.A.N.A"
— "I was at Nimue's memorial service when they told Iason and Eddy Papadapolous the news. They called him Father."

"Believe it or not, Brain Box is secretly the head of the APPG"
— "No, he's actually Crime Wave's chief science guy. The stuff with Midas Industries is just a cover up."

"Did you see him at Paracon? He seemed to be having some kind of nervous breakdown after Charpindar spoke to him. What do you suppose he said to him?"
— "I don't know, but I saw Brain Box speaking with Joyride later, and Joyride certainly seemed to like what he had to say."

"He was supposedly at Tarot's charity event in Kolkata, but did anyone notice that he disappeared just before the EoD attacked? And only turned up again after they were gone."

"My cousin's ex-roommate used to work in Midas Industries. He told me that the source of the Paradigm Reactor's energy is tiny clones of Synergy."

"Iason's so in denial about Brain Box's death, he's offered a $15 million reward to anyone who can bring him back."
— "He refused to go to the funeral. He just kept repeating "I don't need to go to the funeral. He's not dead. He was just badly injured."

"That wasn't Brain Box in Egypt. He was at Nimue's memorial in England. The guy who died was a shapeshifter who had taken on Brian Box's appearance to try and steal Menes' treasure."

—Please, that was all just a stunt by Midas Industries. People don't come back from the dead."