Status: Alive, PC

Known Aliases: N/A

Affiliations: TORCH Penitentiary Division (formerly Second Chancers)

Nationality: Russian

Player: Robbert Kivit

First Appearance: Issue #23

Abilities: None known

Polzin Boleslav entered the temporary TORCH operations headquarters in Prague and offered his services as a medical doctor. He assisted in an unsuccessful search and attack on the Doctor in the sewers. He was found or revealed himself to be a lieutenant to the Doctor after a prisoner recognised him; as a result, he was placed before court and attached to the TORCH Penitentiary Division (formerly the Second Chancers).
Recently, he was given a temporary mission leadership position at the LEAF facility in South Africa during the Internal Affairs investigations within TORCH.

"He's a pretty cool guy. Too bad about his past."
"He is actually the real Doctor Black. The one in Torch custody is just a well paid actor."
"I heard he's actually Baba Yaga, emerging from her lair to learn more about the world before she sets her evil plans in motion."