Billy.pngBlue Lightning

Status: Alive, PC

Known Aliases: Billy Jameson

Affiliations: Werewolves, Lantern.

Nationality: USA

Player: Dave Hayes

First Appearance: Issue 19

Abilities: Electricity

Hailing From Texas USA, Billy Jameson was a simple farm boy that emerged after a lightning strike and was turned on by his friends and family in the small town of Conflagration were he lived. Leaving the town he set out on a quest to find out more about his powers and Paras in general. Ending up at the tech expo he got into a Deep conversation with Shaman and decide to go stay with him to learn more about paras and him self.

After a few months with Shaman he went to the The Vampire Castle and met a group of Werewolves where he decided to stay, to learn more about these strange Paras and is currently helping them with a problem they are having with the Black Ambulance and the Doctor.

In the "Prague Incident" he was seen in many places all over the city, including Jewish Square where he accidental blew up a Gas canister of Mutagen, left by EoD, while attempting electrolysis on the gas inside, causing a number of injuries and mutations.

At a conference held about the Paradigm Event held in Russia's Special Astrophysical Observatory, Billy Was Kidnapped by Ticker and a Major in the Russian Security Forces as he took part in an experiment were he entered the battery of a charge rifle. He Woke up 2 weeks Later in Reno with no memory of what happened.

He was Quite vocal in the UN Conference or Para Registration in London, supporting and anti registration stance hand getting heated in his debate till Ticker unleashed his Para-Suppression field disabling him. Once the field was weakened he rushed to the roof and helped
Magravaine, Dushku & White Rabbit Smash some drones Brought by the Wizard Prospero, Taking one intact.

At the Leaf Facility in South Africa Billy took part in the repelling of The Tamer and is Dastardly Cybernetic Animals, as he tried to stop him though the effect of his kidnap was discovered as a psych block prevented him from attacking the circus themed villain. Later he foiled and attempt to destroy the Leaf Facility with Shaman, almost at the cost of his own life, covering the explosives of the last bomb on the structure of the the build into electricity and running it out into an open field, in the knowledge of when he changed back the explosive would detonate. Surviving the explosion horribly wounded, we are still awaiting reports of his condition.

"I heard he hasn't paid an electric bill in over a year."

"Blue Lightning is allegedly trying to become an Electric Werewolf."