Status: Alive

Known Aliases: Qin Chu Lin

Affiliations: Blue Jade Security

Nationality: Chinese

Appearance: Early forties, mixed Chinese-European ancestry

Player: Davy John Spratt

First Appearance: Issue 1

Abilities: None known

"truth should be found but times we don't know if we can afford the price!"

Orphaned at young age, his parents killed in car bomb, Qin was raised by his maternal grandmother and joined the Hong Kong police force to investigate their deaths. He later found out reason his dad, a captain in the Hong Kong police force, was murdered by onyx monkey triad because he has he was investigating people smuggling through the years.
Blue Jade rose through the ranks pursuing the triads at a cost his 1st wife and daughter executed in drive by on way to school. His parahuman abilities these where noticed when pursued the last of the oynx monkeys in vengeance for murder of his 2nd wife. The free running chase was caught on film by local press and the fight was an internet hit. He was later suspended from the force when the last surviving member of onyx monkeys died in police custody so Midas Industries hired him head of security had trained a skilled team of women and men. After the attack he left to start own firm blue jade security. He has Elastic Jones as head of security always looking for skilled parahumans and others 'to help serve and protect people'.