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Blue Jade Security is a world renowned private security company founded and owned by Qin Chu Lin, a Chinese national working out of Hong Kong. Blue Jade Security were in charge of security on Midas Island during the "Midas Incident", Paracon, the Kolkatta Magic Show and the Paris Fashion Show. In recent years Blue Jade Security has been dogged by accusations of links to Chinese organised crime, along with more recent accusations of collaborating with the Church of Faith and Evolve or Die to test drugs on brazilian citizens.

  • Qin Chu Lin “Blue Jade”, [Parahuman], International security specialist, seeking to dispel scandalous rumors.
  • Elastic Jones, [Parahuman] Fijian rubber man, head of Blue Jade security operations.
  • Proxy, [Parahuman?] former Korean TV star, working for Blue Jade.

  • "Why is a Hong-Kong based company showing up all over the world? Surely there are other companies you can get to do security that don't need you to pay for their flights."
  • "I think the Triad thing is a smokescreen, they're actually agents of a mysterious african warlord."
  • "I hear they've let down so many clients that only paras and the UN will hire them now."
  • "Huh, huh, their initials are 'BJs'."