Status: Alive, PC

Known Aliases: Hennie Joosten

Affiliations: Hired Powers

Nationality: Surinamer

Player: Clara

First Appearance: Issue #14

Abilities: Tactile Telekinesis and general card badassery

Blackjack is a securities expert working behalf of Hired Powers. Not much is known about Blackjack's past, She was first taken notice of by the wider Para world when she gracefully escorted a group of Mafia goons from the much discussed Vegas wedding, using nothing but a deck of cards. Blackjack gained notoriety, being taken aside by most of the major players in the Para world for discussions regarding her ability to impact the world, much to her displeasure. Blackjack is known to take her contracts with Hired Powers very seriously and having recognized this Hired Powers stands behind her with it's full force.

"She's 21. She's always been 21"
"I heard that Blackjack is engaged to Dr. Firdos, though for some reason she refers to him as "Dr. Orphan""
"The honeymoon planning between her and Dr. Orphan is going swimmingly"
"Without using her powers, she's embarrassingly bad at riffle-shuffling"
"If you try to be funny and say "hit me", she will."
"She has a sister named Roulette and an unfortunate brother named Craps"
"Some grey dude once started his own casino with her and some hookers. The result was disappointing all round and bankrupt all involved."
"In the 1920s she created an aniseed flavour chew sweet that kids of the 60's will remember as " the one that was okay if you had one or two but wasn't as nice as fruit salad sweets."