Beautiful Corpse.jpg
Art by Romain Darmon

Status: Alive...technically, NPC

Known Aliases: The Dead Chick, Living Dead Girl

Affiliations: Evolve or Die

Nationality: French

Player: NPC

First Appearance: Issue 8

Abilities: Incredible Strength and durability, Apparently Undead?

At first the 18 year old girl seems like a delicate Gothic flower or some sort of perhaps Baroque muse, sashaying with grace and elegance through the chaos of an Evolve or Die operation. Pale and lovely when first encountered she seemed to be perhaps another face of the movement...but while she lends her beauty and style to the movement's cause it is her power she is most well known for.

Few can stand in a fight against Alpha and go toe-to-toe but the delicate young woman can, with that same grace and poise she crushes bones and wrenches limbs, a powerhouse of incredible might she serves as both a recruiter and a front line fighter for the group. Beautiful Corpse claims to exemplify the success of the Evolve or Die Philosophy, and that it was their methods that gave her a new lease on life.

She has been seen in Hokkaido and Kolkata, in the former only glimpsed amongst the buildings and the chaos while in the latter she fought with Jinn of the Ministry of Sphinxes and his monstrous Shadow, being forced to retreat when Mayhem was in peril, taking the mind controller with her. Capable of leaping great distances and surprisingly gifted in hand to hand combat the young woman remains a primary agent of the Evolve or Die Movement.

Lately she has reportedly been glimpsed on dates with Tempo of First Wave.

"I hear she's dating Relic in the Ministry of Sphinxes"
"I hear she's been dating Tempo in First Wave"
"I hear she emerged after dying of heartbreak"
"Is she a vampire? Like those crazy Ministry folks"

"You're quite cute actually, it's a pity I'll have to ruin you...but perhaps after you recover we can see a movie" - To Jinn

"I told you our relationship status is...Complicated" - To Mayhem