Status: Dead, PC

Known Aliases: The Baron (real name not publicly known)

Affiliations: The Contessa, The Marquess, The Margravine.

Nationality: Unknown

Player: Robbert

First Appearance: Issue ?

Abilities: Claws, Strong, ?

Baron Vogošća has made it known that he is the Chief of Security for The Contessa. He has been asking a lot of questions about her whereabouts, as it seems that she - along with her affiliate the Marquess - has disappeared. Little else is known about the Baron, except that he had an altercation with Dr. Horvat in Australia; it appears they have a history.
He died instantly of a bullet to the heart in Prague in Issue #23 while feeding his rival Dr. Horvat blood after they were both injured in an explosion.

"He's Magnétique's ex. Ex-chauffeur, that is... the title of "baron" is phony. Just a Polish immigrant who did well for himself..."

"The Baron has come down with a case of the Twilights and is in hiding while he finds a cure"

"It's lately become a fashion for those with noble titles to pretend to be vampires..."
-"... And for vampires to pretend to have noble titles."

"I heard the Baron and Dushku went away for a weekend for training together...neither of them like to talk about what happened."

"He actually sparkles in sunlight; he needs copious amounts of foundation to block it out."

"He owns an expensive plastic surgery clinic where the best plasma rejuvenation technique is practiced. How do you think he stays so young?"

"He's in negotiations with Xia to open up a nightclub for alternative subculture movements."