Status: Alive, PC

Known Aliases: The Baron

Affiliations: The Family

Nationality: Unknown

Player: Aonghus Collins

First Appearance: Issue #20

Abilities: Vampire

Lord Józsefváros' first exposure to para-human society was at the benefit thrown by The Margravine to help those afflicted by paradrug addiction (See Issue #20) where he was a part of the security detail under Baron Vogošća. He departed the event in the company of Petya Volkova , and has been seen with her pack on a number of occasions since then.

After the Barons untimely death, Józsefváros inherited his title and responsibilities, and took a more active role, advocating and lobbying against parahuman registration.

"Józsefváros was a founding member of Lantern, but was never put on the books so he could be a deniable asset."