Bad Boy.jpg
Status: Alive

Known Aliases: Bobby, Idiot

Affiliations: formerly APPG, currently UN

Nationality: American

Player: ?

First Appearance: Issue 1

Abilities: Durability?

Bad Boy first appeared in the company of the APPG. Eddy-in-the-Water, Red Velvet and Scaredy Cat stumbled across their landing party on the beach and fought with him. An unseen partner (Ticker) caused Eddy to be hit with a molecular destabilizer and allowed the APPG and Bad Boy to escape into the jungle of the island.

Bad Boy fought Allegra and Alpha soon thereafter and was thrown out to sea by Alpha, only to return again to the island at a high speed through the water. He then vanished, being seen again months later at Tarrow Manor.

At Tarrow Manor Bad Boy was seen aiding thieves to rob the building, he was attacked by Alexandra and Iason Papodopoulous however he chose instead to dispatch them without any harm. He was convinced to change his ways by Taylor Raithwaite who reasoned with him on how to be a good person - when an ally of the thieves detonated explosives on the walls, Bad Boy supported the roof to allow people to get clear before being crushed underneath it. It was noted at this time he seemed quite ill but when the area he had been crushed under had given way beneath him it was unknown what his fate was.

Bad Boy resurfaced next at Paracon where he made a path from the airport through the city in a fugue state before being stopped by Arisu, Chesha, Elastic Jones, Alpha and Synergy. Before being arrested by Alpha the machine he had stolen was whisked away by Hot Mess and he was whisked away by Alpha.

Months later at the Grand Symposium the UN announced that Badboy had been appointed their Bailiff as special agent tasked with hunting Parahuman criminals. Badboy had supposedly reformed and his work for the UN was part of his probation.

"I heard there's a pic of him and Eddy in the Water Kissing"

"I hear he's being held in a First Wave Prison because nowhere can hold him"
"I heard they can't hold him and that only the Guard's shields can capture him"

"I hear the whole look is really just to get girls, and he's actually pretty square."
"Did you seriously just use the word square?"