Once thought a myth Atlanteans revealed themselves to the surface world when they attacked Japan (see Issue #7). They claimed that they could no longer stand idly by as the surfacers ruined the world's oceans with pollution and sought to avenge the kidnapping of Princess Andromeda. They used biomechanical weapons of war called Kaiju and devastated Japan. Commander Bushi of Humanity+ defeated Prince Aikakos in personal combat ending the invasion. However the Atlanteans promised they would attack the surface world again if Princess Andromeda was not returned to them. A year later it was revealed that Princess Andromeda was none other than First Wave's own Emma Wilson. With the Princess returned relations between Atlantis and the surface improved slowly, with Atlantean sovereignty being recognized by the UN.
Little is known about Atlantean society. Typically women occupy positions of political power and study the arts, science an medicine. Men serve in the military before marriage and become defenders of the home and family in later life. The nation of Atlantis is made up of several city states each ruled by their own hereditary rulers. The city of Atlantis serves as the capital of the nation. Atlanteans possess advanced technology especially in the areas of biotechnology and physically can be distinguished from surfacers by gills on their lower necks.
Recently the Atlantean representative on TORCH was killed by Parahuman supremacists leading to renewed tensions between Atlantis and the surface world.

Possible Locations of Atlantean cities

Known Atlanteans
The Royal Family (King, Queen & Princess Andromeda)
Prince Aikakos of the city of Karas
Dr. Firdos
Eddy in the Water (exiled)
Penance (deceased)