543a5a2c06576dbc367a063b_561e2560b5158c5d602e554d_320.jpgStatus: Alive

Known Aliases: None

Affiliations: Former First Wave,

Nationality: Unknown

Player: Unknown

First Appearance: Issue 5, Hero Worship

Abilities: None known

She is always in the mask, the most common images are those of fan art made by fans. She is seldom seen without her parasol and increasingly commonly has been seen wielding her Flamingo Mallet in battle.
Contrary to rumours, she has seen Alice in Wonderland. All versions. Multiple times. And yes, she's read the book multiple times too. Don't question her love of her theme.

Her burst into the scene was as part of the vigilante duo of Arisu and Chesha. Hunting down the Yakuza gangs was her objective and taking down, not one, but two gangs in under three minutes? That was enough to shoot the footage up to viral and give her an immediate reputation as a more than competent crime-fighter.

Arisu first made her appearance in Paracon while attending with Chesha. She and her cat-masked friend proceeded to scope out the con, mingling and dealing with trouble as they went. Arisu managed to get her hands on the final copy of the fanfiction containing the well-known pairing of Alpha and Stiletto, only surrendering the copy after a fight with the super-villain herself. It was said to be quite dramatic, though not very long...

By the end of the con she had managed to prove herself enough to get into First Wave after having a chat with her initial inspiration, Alpha himself, soon disappearing from the convention with Elastic Jones, Alpha and Chesha to take on Bad Boy, holding him off until Synergy arrived and blasted him across the block.

After Paracon Arisu slipped behind the screens, still doing good but not pushing herself forwards into the limelight and instead spending her time investigating other issues.

It is not until Japan was attacked by the Kaiju that she stepped forwards and swept in with several Parahumans to help. Answering the call of Commander Bushi, she spent her time fighting back, joining teams as they formed and going out to strike back at the invaders.

Some time after her larger fight, herself and two others taking down three rather large Kaiju before Arisu finished them off with a well-placed smash of her signature pink flamingo taser mallet, she was spotted 'escorting' someone, or was it something? back to headquarters. A while later she was spotted leaving the complex and flying off to the shore, where later Commander Bushi and a Prince of Atlantis faced off in a duel of honour and formal debate, one thrilling to witness. With the defeat of the Prince, temporary peace fell and Arisu secured a pardon for herself and Chesha for their vigilante ways before slipping back behind the main scenes.

After quite a while she resurfaced in Paris and the Sans Merci fashion show as run by Magnetique. She mingled around getting to know people before disappearing with a group of attendees to go and explore the catacombs. She re-emerged some time later, too late to help with the evacuation but not too late to rejoin the crowds and help where she could.

Once more she returned to the small jobs, appearing around Japan and keeping the streets safe from gangs. It was not until after the arena that she surfaced again, attending the funeral of Alpha, one of her inspirations for becoming a vigilante, and paying her last respects.

After this she was spotted at Tomorrows Problems Today, the science expo in Hong Kong. She seemed to spend a lot of time mingling, spending time with former First Wave members and introducing herself to those around her. She seemed to keep disappearing for short periods of time, but then again, she is good at keeping out of sight.

After this she seems to have shifted her roots to London, and, along with her, multiple Alice in Wonderland themed characters have showed up. All in the form of Villains. Rumours say they arrived after her, and maybe someone planned that, but her reputation has only gone up since their arrival and she seems to be capable of handling them herself.

She put in an appearance at Czerna Castle but, besides from joining in with a fight at the beginning of the meeting, didn't seem to get out much. She disappeared for a while but for the rest of the time she was seen mingling and talking with other guests.

Most recently she visited the new Forrester facility at Hokaido, finally getting to see the Lavender Fields she had heard about. Her time seem to be spent mingling and talking with people both familiar and not, but when things started to go wrong she was one of the first to offer help. As soon as the opportunity arose she and a group of both powered and non- powered people took to the fields with a Torch agent to give their assistance, returning not long after to help with the evacuation.

"We all live in fear of the day she actually gets her hands on a Vorpal sword."

"She's never actually read Alice in Wonderland"
-"No, but she did watch a poorly dubbed version of the 2010 film by Tim Burton."

"She was asked out by Ticker but he left the restaurant, thinking he'd been stood up when she was late, so late, for this very important date."

"Her secret hideout is in the clock of Big Ben."
- "She had to challenge a Peter Pan themed hero to get it."

"She only became a superhero to find her missing snark."

"I heard she's on Ticker's payroll. Where do you think she gets those gadgets?"
-"No way it's him that works for HER! She's actually an evil mastermind and Ticker's her apprentice!"

"Her mallet is actually a real flamingo who is to terrified of her to move."

"Just how coincidental is it for one hero to get a whole batch of themed villains? She's clearly up to something."

"Arisu's real name is Alice Pleasance Liddell, which is actually just a coincidence."

"She once stole the entire continent of Antarctica and no one noticed."

"She's never actually seen Alice in Wonderland. The whole "Arisu and Chesha" thing was Chesha's idea."

"She is under investigation by the RSPCA and RSPB for her mallet."

"She is actually secretly Ticker."

"Forrester plans to make back their sponsorship money by releasing a whole line of Arisu branded products"