10658966_10154780572545287_5754504000450663410_o.jpgStatus: Alive, PC

Known Aliases: Apex, Andreus Reuber

Affiliations: St Francis Academy (Part-Time instructor),

Nationality: Swiss

Player: Paul Taylor

First Appearance: Issue 6

Known Abilities: Claws, Fangs, Quickness, Scent, Regeneration

Apex, former head of security at Luxcorp and former bodyguard of Stephan, King of Luxembourg. Aged 26 and has only worked for Stephan for around a year, however in this time he has gained quite a reputation of being quite protective of his boss and hates to be separated for long periods of time, but since the incident in Atlantis has gained some independence to do his own thing.

Former owner of Primal Securities with Jawbreaker, before it was bought over by Hired Powers.

He now works as a Freelance security adviser for hire; however this has become substantially more difficult as he was rendered blind by laser beam during an altercation on the island, after a few games this seemed to have healed up and Apex has routinely been involved in protecting various individuals and keeping innocents from harm in conjunction with other Para's.

He was recently viewed attempting to prevent the assassination of the Reverend in Washington DC, and was influential in identifying a well known assassin tailing the group that took the Reverend to hospital, resulting in the assassin's arrest.

"Can't control his temper"
"Always Flees from Fire"

"You shouldn't have got in front of me!"
"I'm bored, point me to the fighting"
"Ah don't worry, I'll get better!
"Stop bickering, I got this."