Status: Alive, PC, active

Known Aliases: Virtue, Angelo Salvadore

Affiliations: Church of Faith

external image arrow-10x10.png: Brazilian

Player: Sean Calnan

Powers: Emotion reading

Angelo Salvadore or Virtue is taught of as a South American religious leader with a church that is growing alarmingly quickly. But him and the organisation that became the Church of Faith started from much humbler beginnings starting out as a street urchin then a community activist and eventually becoming the head of his own religion.

Salvadore grew up in the capital city of Brazil, Brasilia. He was raised Roman Catholic but never truly believed. He was running with Aguila Roja by the age of fourteen as a numbers runner and by twenty two he had risen to leutenant of the man controlling the external image arrow-10x10.png in Brasilia. As such a young but powerful member of Aguila Roja gang he ruffled quiet a few feathers. When asked later Angelo described himself at this time as "an arrogant insolent thug", Merely three weeks after the paradigm event Angelo and his girlfriend Carla Álvarez were visiting a carnival when he was abushed by a rival leutenant of águila Roja and his girlfriend was tragically caught in the crossfire.

Angelo fled the city in mourning and went underground . Emerging a year later as founder of the Church of Faith an origination dedicated to spiritualism and peaceful opposition to violence. Angelo would eventually revel himself as a
Parahuman with emphatic abilities. Over the next few years he built the church of faith from a small community into one of the most prominent new age spiritualist movements.

"the church of faith only became known as such due to no one being able to agree on a better name"

"The cartels hired an infamous international assassin to kill him"

"while Angelo was getting his tattoos removed he convinced Hamilton industries to sell off thier weapons manufacturing"

'So ... dangerous drugs being tested on civilians? Evolve or Die protecting these facilities? Previous links to drug cartels? I think the authorities may want to chat with Mr Salvador. Again.'