Status: Deceased, PC

Known Aliases: Midas

Affiliations: Midas Industries

Player: Michael Calnan

First Appearance: Issue 1
Last Appearancce: Issue 1

Abilities: Matter Transmutation

Born into a poor, working class family in Greece but possessed of a keen business sense, Andonius Papadopoulos built his own shipping business from nothing into a global powerhouse. Andonius was one of the first parahumans to publicly emerge after the paradigm event, famously turning the table in his boardroom into pure diamond. What followed was a whirlwind of public appearances, displays of power and partying to excess and Andonius started calling himself by a parahuman name, Midas. Many worried that Midas' reckless use of his powers would endanger the already fragile the world economy but almost as soon as they began Midas' public displays ceased and he withdrew into seclusion on his private Fijian island. The reason why he withdrew from society were never released to the public and he became the centre of many conspiracy theories.

Soon after withdrawing to his island Midas discovered an amnesiac teenager who washed up on his shore. He named the boy Eddy and adopted him as his own after they were unable to find any of Eddy's relatives. It was at this time that his relationship with his eldest son (from his first marriage) became strained.

For the next several years Midas shunned the outside world until unexpectedly inviting parahumans, activists, and diplomats to his island for a conference on changing the world. This uncharacteristic action puzzled many but before Midas elaborate on his true intentions he died due to complications from using his para abilities. The APPG (a human supremacist terrorist group) attacked the conference, mortally wounded Midas' son Eddy. Midas somehow used his transmutation ability to heal his son's wounds at the cost of his own life.

After his death the matter of his will was contested by several parties. Monique Chevalier, Midas' long time confidant, presented a version of the will that entrusted her with fully half of Midas' fortune to be used for charitable purposes while the Midas Corporation presented different will that divided the fortune between several parties. The inheritance issue dragged through the courts for several months before Ms. Chevalier withdrew her claim. In the end Midas' sons (Iason and Eddy) inherited approximately one quarter of their father's personal fortune. Eddy dedicated himself to tracking down the APPG and bring them to Justice while Iason focused on saving the family business.

"I heard that the UN had him killed to prevent him wrecking the world economy"
"That's clearly stupid it was obviously Chevalier, she wanted his money"
"The APPG totally killed him but it's whoever supplied them with those laser guns that you need to worry about"