Status: Alive

Known Aliases: Andie Dufour

Affiliations: Torch

Nationality: Guyanese

Player: Caoimhe Tiernan

First Appearance: Issue X

Abilities: None known

Andie worked as a fire fighter in Guyana for a number of years. She was eventually spotted by TORCH and recruited, hoping to get the chance to travel and help more people across the world. Andie prefers to work outside with nature and detests the idea of working in an office. She works with Latin America TORCH to help stop the distribution of paradrugs. As well as being an excellent driver she has experience in dealing with crises and in evacuations.

"Her parents wanted her to join the family business of racing drivers but she ran away to pursue her true passion of firefighting."
"Andie was hired accidentally, Forrester thought she was a martial artist made of fire, yknow 'fire fighter'... he has a PhD in physics not English dammit!"
"Then they didn't have the heart to let her go when they found out how awesome she is"
"Andie secretly wanted to be a circus clown. She spent years developing her driving skills so she would always be first picked to drive the car over the other 15 clowns inside it"
"When Smokie the Bear says "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fire" he specifically means Andie "450mph" Dufour.