SAlpha.jpgtatus: Alive, PC

Known Aliases: none known

Affiliations: First Wave

Player: Si

First Appearance: Issue 1

Abilities: Flight, Superstrength, Supertoughness

The World's premiere superhero. Exploded onto the international scene after battling Diehard in the Nebraska Incident. Little is known about the man behind the mask.

Alpha shot to stardom with his high flying skills and his sense of justice. Though public opinion is mixed in some areas a predominant belief is that he stands for the best mankind has to offer and for healthy relations between Parahumans and "Baselines". Following the events of Midas' Island he set up First Wave with team mate and reported love interest Allegra, international popstar and super-celebrity. Only a month previous they had saved Venice from the machinations of the deadly Detonatrix and become firm fan favorites ever since.

Following First Wave's debut they next showed up in a small English village, defeating EoD with a diverse group of Parahuman talents apparently rallied by Alpha and his comrade The Guard. Alpha and his team clashed with the EoD and Crime Wave in the months following before arriving in Mali where he saved dozens of lives during the jungle's attack on the guests of the party. Had he and The Guard not acted many could have been injured or killed.

"He's dating fellow teammate Allegra"
"Nah I heard he's dating his publicist"
"The way I heard it he was dating both at the same time, but his pubicist found out and exploded at him"
"I heard he's been spotted out and about with Nimue!"
"I hear he's been in counselling after Nimue's death"
"I heard at the memorial for Nimue he went crazy and almost went nova on a helicopter"
"Are Alpha and Synergy an item again? She was down as his +1 for the Papadopolous wedding and they did have a very private chat in the sky over Vegas as the sun set"