APPG1.pngThe Anti Parahuman Paramilitary Group, aka The Anti Para Paramilitary Group, aka The Anti Para Para Group.

The APPG is a group of normal human people who hate Parahumans so intensely that they are willing to put their weapons where their mouths are.

The vast majority of membership appears to be concentrated in the Southern United States and boasts minimal training and weapons. However, attacks on Parahuman gatherings internationally have seen the group muster up technologically advanced weapons and even other Parahumans as part of their attack.

Known Members:
  • Bad Boy, [Parahuman]
  • Ticker

Rumours, Speculation and Theories

"The APPG have the best weaponry in the business thanks to backing from Governors, Senators and the biggest political powers in the United States"

"The APPG have technology that forces Parahumans to obey them, Bad Boy is just a pawn"

"The APPG get their funding selling illegal moonshine! one is surprised when they hear this theory"