The Buzz: Villainy Afoot in Gooberville
We all know those crazy people who think that they too can be super heroes just like Parahumans. No, not Human Plus - those guys kick Parahuman ass on a regular basis. I’m talking about Goobers.
Now we all have our favourites, but it looks like somebody may be using this rash of masked and costumed vigilantes to hide more nefarious plans.
Sources in Europe have told me about a masked VILLAIN who doesn’t seem to have powers - just a whole lot of attitude and a costume. Theft in London, damn near getting an orphanage destroyed in Stuttgart and possibly organizing riots in Madrid. Is this one person? Or many with similar costumes? What are your thoughts?
  • FIY#&RRRSTTTTT!!!!!! - Osmo
  • Who says that the vigilantes aren’t also the villains, after all - they have to pay for their duds - g8rh8r
  • How on earth do riots earn you money? - Alphegra4eva
  • Simple - invest in clean up and construction companies. - Anonnymouse
  • Harsh dude, harsh. Never pegged you for cold. - Osmo
  • It’s not cold, just logical. - Anonnymouse
  • Are you human, or an Atlantean who has been bumming around our forum? - g8rh8r

First Wave - Heroes or Menace?
“The damage that they have done is astounding. Not just in Germany and Australia - but even going back to situations before this. Almost every time they face Crime Wave there is property destruction.”
“To be fair - some of that is due to Crime Wave or Evolve or Die or…”
“But would they cause that much damage without First Wave there? If First Wave didn’t act like cowboys at a rodeo trying to round them up?”
“And I suppose the question that that leaves us with, is do we really need them?”
“Well, Jess - that is a good question. After all we have so many other more official groups than First Wave…”
“They do have UN Recognition as a Rescue Group.”
“Yes, but how often do they act as a rescue group? Most of the time they act no better than so-called Goobers. They act as if they are the police and meanwhile completely ignore local law. Rescuing is quite different from apprehending criminals.”
“But Jo, who is going to do that if they aren’t around?”
“Plenty of groups, Jess. You have Human Plus who actually have the backing of their various countries. Hired Powers or a mercenary service such as Wild Oats Security can be hired if a threat is too great for authorities to handle without assistance. There are the second Chancers…”
“Aren’t they similar to First Wave. Except that they are criminals?”
“Well, that’s the fascinating thing. You would think that they are, except when they were announced, they were referred to using the term “Bailiff” which implies someone who works for a prison.”
“Do they work for a Belgian prison?”
“Not that I know of.”
“Fascinating, but we are getting off topic. We’ll get back to the subject of First Wave after this commercial break.”

News 360: Mob Mobilizes on American West Coast
14 March 2016. A huge explosion was reported at 19:00 last night in San Jose at the Sierra Transport Offices. Local firefighting teams are currently investigating the cause. Gas has been ruled out and they are now searching for evidence of arson. There are no reported injuries and 5 bodies have been found inside the building, none of which have been identified.
Witnesses have reported seeing two men approaching the building and loitering suspiciously a few hours earlier. Police have indicated that these descriptions match Paolo and Andrei Vincente, known members of the Seattle Vincente mob. If anybody sees the suspects, they are to call the police immediately and avoid approaching or confronting these individuals.
Sierra Transport was run by CEO Christi Cerrito… (Read more...)

Rumour has it... Hired Powers Training Now Open
It seems that Hired Powers is starting to branch out into training services.
Over the last few weeks, a number of people of different nationalities have been headed over to the Venetian Hired Powers HQ for training from none other than everyone's favourite model, Dushku.
The question is, who are they? They don’t seem to be Parahuman. And there are a number of nationalities involved - from Armenian to Zambian. Is Human Plus expanding? Are they going to Hired Powers for help? It sure looks like it. At least, that’s how I saw it, and would I lie to you?

Rumour has it... Students Split From The School
All things come to an end, including school. Looks like some of those students who were chatting to EoD a few months ago have graduated and moved on to college. One is even trying his darndest to not look quite so Parahuman any more.
Thing is, bosom buddies have split to college on opposite ends of the earth when they could have gotten into any college they wanted. And while I haven’t seen any other members of EoD around them, a college would be an awfully good place for EoD to target considering the crowds.
While nothing has happened yet, I for one am not taking my eye off them yet. Should anybody else?
At least, that’s how I see it and would I lie to you?