OK. A new Dōjinshi Manga is doing the scene in Japan. It is called

"I Can't Believe my Little Stabby Para is this Cute!"

It is about Casanova and Stiletto going into Witness protection. It is a standard Harem story. All action takes place in the small apartment block that they are put in. Arisu is sent to keep an eye on them, comes under Casanova's spell.

Harriet Jenkins is sent by Tetrasoft to set up all the security, Comes under Casanova's Spell, your standard Tsundere character.

Ticker get captured is put in. Comes under Casanova's spell, Beautiful boy time.

Beautiful corpse joins, under Casanova's spell.

But Casanova only has eyes for Stiletto.

Standard Harem anime, but with a twist. Childhood friend wins.


"Stiletto is Mai Waifu!"

"It really sold well as Comik!"

"This is a True Story!"